D'Pizza Joint-Michael Sularz

Allen and Margaret Sularz were getting tired of the cold weather in Colorado. In the fall of 1976 mom reluctantly allowed Allen to help a lifelong friend sail, what was at the time, the largest catamaran in the world, from Houston to his friend’s residence at South Padre Island. Allen fell head over heels in love with the Island and its beautiful surroundings. Even more so with its people and of course the mild weather. So, they moved my brother Joseph and myself down to the Valley in the summer of '77.

 After a couple of successful business endeavors on the Island Mom and Dad looked around one day and noticed no one was offering great Italian cuisine at good prices. So, in 1983, June 3rd, D'Pizza Joint was born.

Since then, blessed with mom's recipes and our employee's hard work, our restaurant has tripled in size, the menu has doubled in size and list of friends and customers have grown beyond our dreams. For over three decades now, we, at D'Pizza Joint, still and always will, strive to bring everyone our very best. The highest quality product and the best of service is our daily goal. So please, when you are here, at beautiful South Padre Island, pay us a visit.

Thank You, 

All of us D'Pizza Joint!!!